Terms and Conditions

Terms of Service

Terms of Service

I agree, and shall cause my children, invitees and guests, to abide by the Aspen Acres Campground Rules, including those rules and policies published at http://www.AspenAcresCamping.com, posted at the Premises or otherwise communicated in any manner by Aspen Acres Campground management. All rates, specials, terms and policies are subject to change at any time without notice.

I understand that I must be 21 years of age with a valid driver’s license to make a reservation and camp. Our campsites are booked for one family per site which allows for parents and their immediate dependent children. We will allow up to two additional adults to stay on the site as long as they are extended family of the renters and if the total number of guests on a site does not exceed 6. If a family renting a site has only two adults and two children, they may add two additional children (total number of guests does not exceed 6). We do not offer group sites, therefore if there are two families, they will each need to rent their own campsite.  A maximum of one camping unit plus one small tent for immediate children is allowed per site (campsites only)

I further understand and agree that Aspen Acres Campground does not give credit or refunds due to the discomforts of nature. Aspen Acres Campground’s refund policy varies, depending on the timing of the cancellation notice in advance of the reservation date, as follows:

Cabin/RV Rental Cancellation Policy:

Payment in full is due at the time of reservation

Cancellations made outside 7 days or more prior to your arrival date will be refunded to the credit card given at the time the reservation was made less $20 cancellation fee. Reservations cancelled within or on 7 days of your arrival date are non-refundable. Reservations cannot be changed or moved within 7 days of your arrival date. Campsite reservations are non-transferable.

Holiday Weekend reservations for RV and tent sites must be cancelled outside 14 days prior to your arrival date to receive a refund less $20.  Reservations cancelled within or on 14 days of your arrival date are non-refundable. Holiday reservations may not be changed or moved within 14 days of your arrival date.

Holiday weekend reservations for Cabin or Outfitter Tents must be cancelled outside 30 days prior to your arrival date to receive a refund less $20. Reservations cancelled within or on 30 days of your arrival date are non-refundable. Holiday reservations may not be changed or moved within 30 days of your arrival date.

Moving or changing of any site outside of the cancellation period is treated as a cancellation and rebooking for a $20 fee.

Camping is an outdoor experience and refunds will not be given due to the discomforts of nature.

Reservations not checked in by 11am the morning following your scheduled arrival date will be released without refund.

Cancellations Must be Requested by email [email protected]

All rates, specials, terms and policies are subject to change at any time without notice.

Minimum Stays: 

There is a 2 night minimum stay on weekends.

Holiday weekends require a 3 night minimum stay.

Extra Vehicles, Trailers and Visitors

You are allowed One Vehicle per site.  This includes the tow vehicle or Motorhome.  If you have more than one Vehicle you must purchase an additional Parking Pass for $10.00/day for each additional Vehicle.  If you bring an additional Trailer other than your camp trailer, ie boat trailer, atv/utv/motorcycle trailer, car/jeep trailer, etc you must purchase a Parking Pass for that trailer for $10.00/day.  Extra vehicles and trailers that do not fit in your site must be parked in our over flow area.  No parking on the grass around your site.

As a guest I understand I may have family/friends come in to visit me during my stay and am aware there is a charge involved if they should. All Visitors must purchase a Day Pass for $10.00.  All Visitors must leave the campground by 8pm.  See Office Staff.

As a participant in a recreation activity, I am responsible for acting within the limits of my ability and heeding all warnings regarding participation in the activity. I will maintain control of myself and any equipment while participating in the activity and will refrain from acting in any manner that may cause or contribute to injury to myself or to others.

I HEREBY RELEASE, WAIVE, DISCHARGE AND COVENANT NOT TO SUE JKSE Enterprises, LLC, d/b/a Aspen Acres Campground, its owners and agents (collectively, Aspen Acres Campground Management), from any and all liability to me, my children, my invitees/guests, personal representatives, and heirs for any loss or damage on account of injury to person (including death) or loss or damage to property relating to, or arising out of, use and occupancy of the Aspen Acres Campground property, facilities, amenities, Lodge, games (collectively, the Premises).

I HEREBY AGREE TO INDEMNIFY, SAVE AND HOLD HARMLESS Aspen Acres Campground Management, and each of them, from any loss, liability, damage or cost (including attorney fees) they may incur due to injury (including death), damage or loss of property relating to use of the Premises by me, my children, and/or my invitees/guests or due to any incidents that may occur during my stay. I understand that, although Aspen Acres Campground Management makes every reasonable effort to provide a secure environment, the security of my person, my belongings, and all persons registered in my party is my sole responsibility.

The Premises are privately owned and ASPEN ACRES CAMPGROUND MANAGEMENT RESERVES THE RIGHT TO REFUSE SERVICE to anyone for any reason except for those prohibited by law. Aspen Acres Campground Management reserves the right to ask any person or party it deems necessary, to leave the campground based on violations of Park Rules/Policies or behavior management deems inappropriate or disturbing to others. I have read this notice and agree to it as well as all Aspen Acres Campground Rules/Policies and regulations. In addition, I understand that I am responsible for the actions of all persons registered in my party, including any children, and any guests that visit during my stay.

I understand that all persons who enter Aspen Acres Campground and that entrance constitutes permission for the management to photograph anyone while on the premises and to use any resulting pictures for any lawful purpose without compensation to the individual.

Check In Times:

12:00pm for RV and standard tent sites

3:00pm for All Cabins, Park Model, RV Rentals and Outfitter Tents

Check Out Times:

11:00am for All sites and Cabins


Wi-Fi internet is available at the Lodge and a password is required.  We must conserve on our bandwidth and be courteous of other guests.  Remember you are in the mountains and we can only provide what is available as we are not yet as Technologically Advanced as the City. NO STREAMING PLEASE.  Checking E-mails, surfing the net and other simple things are allowed. 

Cell Phones

Cell Phone service can be spotty at best in the mountains and at most campgrounds in the area.  In case of emergencies, there is an office land line available.  Please do not hesitate to use it, if necessary.  Wi-Fi calling and texting works well on our wireless network.

Additional Terms for Rental Units

I understand and agree as follows:

At departure, the rental unit is to be left in a reasonably clean condition (broom swept), garbage is to be removed from the rental unit and placed in an outside dumpster, all kitchens and kitchenettes are to be left clean, and the microwave, fridge, stove and countertops are to be wiped clean; otherwise, Aspen Acres Campground Management may charge my credit card with a $75.00 cleaning fee. I understand and agree that if I leave the rental unit in an unreasonably filthy condition, permit a pet to occupy a rental unit not designated as pet-friendly or smoke in a rental unit, Aspen Acres Campground Management may charge my credit card for the cost to professionally clean the rental unit ($150 minimum charge).

All damages to the rental unit, whether caused by myself, my children, guests or pets, will be disclosed to the registration office immediately or at checkout. All damages occurring to the rental unit during my stay will be charged to my credit card after a thorough inspection has been made by Aspen Acres Campground Management. Damages for which I will be responsible include, but are not limited to: lost key(s), broken/lost TV/AC remote controls, broken items, discharged fire extinguishers (if not used for a fire), damaged/dented/bent appliances, furniture, cabinetry or dishes, writing on walls or mattress covers, and ripped or torn mattresses or covers.

Pets are only allowed in PET FRIENDLY cabins that are designated by management.  If you are in a Pet Friendly cabin and you have brought your pet(s), you must pay the appropriate pet fee and follow the rules outlined in our Pet Policy.

Pet Policy

All pets must be on a leash and under your control at all times.  We do have an off leash dog park that all non-aggressive dogs are welcome to use.  Please clean up after your pet. Failure to do so will result in a $50 fine.  Never leave your pet(s) unattended in a cabin, your trailer or at your site. The only exceptions are the campground owner’s/hosts dogs.  Pets are not permitted in the lodge.  Excessive barking will not be tolerated. You are financially responsible for any damage done by your pet(s).

General Rules:

Quiet Hours:

10:00pm - 6:30am

Common courtesy is expected of All GUESTS.

Guests should not disturb, annoy, endanger, or inconvenience other guests nor use the premises for any unlawful purpose.

Speed Limit is 5mph and will be strictly enforced.

Please conserve water!  We are on a well.  No washing of cars, trucks, RV's, boats, etc is allowed.

Please help conserve Electricity.  Help us keep rates down by Turning Off lights, heaters, fans, AC units when you are not in your RV, cabin, Etc. for extended periods of time.

Please be kind to our Septic System!  Our Septic System is very sensitive to feminine products and toilet paper.  Please use dissolving biodegradable toilet paper.  Please no paper towels or food to be flushed down the toilets. Please help ensure the life span of our Septic System.

Alcohol is allowed in the campground.  Please use discretion when consuming alcohol.  Out of hand guests or Loud parties are not tolerated.

No joy riding of motorcycles, ATVs, scooters, etc is allowed in the campground.  You may ride in/out of the campground to get to the trails.

Please park at your site and not on the road or the grass.  Overflow parking is available.  Please ask at the office.

Smoking Policy

We do not allow smoking in any of our rentals. This includes tobacco, vapor, or any other form of smoking. Smoking is not permitted within 25 feet of the cabins to prevent smoke from entering cabins through doors / windows.  Be aware that during fire bans the only location where smoking is allowed is inside your vehicle. Please dispose of extinguished cigarette butts in the provided containers located at designated smoking areas.  Please do not throw butts on the ground or in the eco-toilets.  Colorado State law prohibits smoking in any public building. Marijuana use is not allowed. Any individual caught smoking marijuana in any public area will be asked to leave without a refund.  Any Violation of this policy will incur a $250 fee.


Campfires are authorized by the office.  We adhere to all County, State and Federal fire bans and as a private campground, we reserve the right to ban fires at any time.  Fires are only permitted in designated fire rings and pits.  Do not move the fire rings.  All fires must be attended to at ALL TIMES and must be fully extinguished at bedtime or when not present.

To preserve your enjoyment of the trees in our campground and the surrounding area, only firewood purchased from the campground may be burned. This will help prevent the spread of invasive pests and diseases. Under the encouragement of environmental sources, we must confiscate carry in firewood. This is a serious problem and we ask our campers to take it seriously as well. State and federal fines up to $1,000 apply for violations of firewood quarantines.

Bears and Wildlife

Do not feed the bears!  Take trash to the dumpster each night.  Burn food off BBQs.  Put Coolers, pet food and water inside anytime you are not in the camp!  Even EMPTY coolers attract bears!  Do Not keep any food inside your tent.  Bring in bird feeders at night.  Read signs that are posted around the campground.  Dept. of wildlife considers it a crime to do anything that could attract wildlife to the campground.

One more Thing!!

Have FUN CAMPING and Enjoy Your Time Here with US!!!